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Students playing volleyball on beach

South Florida Living

Imagine wearing shorts and flip-flops year-round, taking trips to the beach, experiencing diverse cultures, and surrounding yourself with some of the best weather in the world. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Guess what? That’s the place NSU calls home.

欧洲非洲免费视频,最新国自产拍在线播放,欧美免费全部免费观看With an average temperature of 77°F when you’re not in class, you can be outdoors all year round. You’ll need that time to experience everything South Florida has to offer. There’s sunbathing, bike riding, fishing, boating, and surfing. You can enjoy world-class food from around the world and the best in arts and entertainment. Endless open-air festivals and concerts. There are also great shopping malls and boutiques, just minutes from campus.

欧洲非洲免费视频,最新国自产拍在线播放,欧美免费全部免费观看For sports fans, professional teams like the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers are all within a 30-minute drive.

欧洲非洲免费视频,最新国自产拍在线播放,欧美免费全部免费观看It all sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Guess what? When you live on NSU’s campus, this is the place you’ll call home.

Just a short drive from NSU

North - Walt Disney World and Orlando’s theme parks (3 hours)

South欧洲非洲免费视频,最新国自产拍在线播放,欧美免费全部免费观看 - Miami's South Beach ­(30 minutes) and Florida Keys (3 hours)

East欧洲非洲免费视频,最新国自产拍在线播放,欧美免费全部免费观看 - Fort Lauderdale Beach (15 minutes)

West - The Everglades (15 minutes)

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